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A missing tooth affects your smile and overall oral health. If you’re missing one or more teeth, you should consider replacing them with a bridge. The dental team at 5th Ave Smile in Aurora, Colorado, provides high-quality crowns and bridges to restore your smile and give you functional teeth again. The team at 5th Ave Smile conveniently offers same-day services after the initial diagnosis as well. Call the practice today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment today.


What are the risks of missing teeth?

A missing tooth or multiple missing teeth affects more than your self-esteem. Your mouth requires all of your teeth to function as intended, and when you’re missing a tooth or two, you can experience problems with oral health and discomfort. 

When teeth are missing, the surrounding teeth may shift or tilt and move into the empty space. Empty spaces in your mouth cause uneven bite distribution, puts excess pressure on certain teeth, and can lead to wear-and-tear on the teeth experiencing the increase of pressure. 

Since your teeth provide structure for the jawbone, missing teeth lead to jawbone deterioration, which changes your facial appearance and can make you look older.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth or teeth that replaces a missing tooth or multiple teeth. The artificial tooth is attached to crowns on either side of the missing teeth. 

Bridges are made from strong, durable materials, such as composite resin, and have a similar color to natural tooth enamel. 

When a bridge replaces missing teeth, it blends in with your natural teeth and improves the appearance of your smile while restoring the functional role of your teeth.

How long does it take to get a bridge placed in my mouth?

The team at 5th Ave Smile offers same-day bridge services after your initial diagnosis. The dentist removes a small amount of enamel from the teeth on either side of your missing tooth and creates an impression of your mouth to make the bridge. 

Your dentist places the bridge in your mouth, verifies the bite and the fit is comfortable, and then seals it permanently in place with dental cement. 

How do I care for a bridge?

Taking care of a bridge is similar to caring for the rest of your teeth. Because the artificial tooth of a crown sits on top of your gum, in addition to twice daily brushing and flossing, your bridge requires a special flossing tool that places floss between the artificial tooth and your gums. 

It’s important you don’t skip this step in your oral hygiene practices to ensure your gums do not get infected by any food trapped between the bridge and gums.

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