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Good oral health starts with preventive care. Teeth cleaning at 5th Ave Smile in Aurora, Colorado, is the best way to optimize your oral health. If you’re due for your annual cleaning, book an appointment the experience team using the online scheduling tool. You can also call the practice today to set up your teeth cleaning and oral exam.

Teeth Cleaning

What is a teeth cleaning?

Getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist is the key to preventive dentistry, which keeps your oral health in good shape while maintaining a beautiful smile. 

Instead of treating problems after they occur, teeth cleaning prevents cavities and other oral health issues from developing in the first place. 

Even if you practice good oral hygiene at home with twice-daily cleanings and flossing, you still need to visit the experienced team at 5th Ave Smile for regular cleanings and exams to remove tartar buildup and check for complications. Some oral conditions, such as gingivitis, can develop without you realizing it.

What should I expect during a dental cleaning?

Dental cleaning appointments consist of a visual exam, removal of hardened plaque, high-powered brushing and polishing, and flossing. Some patients may also receive Picasso®️ laser treatments.

Visual exam

Your dentist and hygienist look in your mouth for cavities, tooth decay, or gum disease. They might order digital X-rays if they notice any potential problems during the visual exam.

Removal of hardened plaque

Next, your hygienist or dentist administers your cleaning to remove hardened plaque from your teeth. Plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease. If plaque develops on your teeth, it is nearly impossible to remove with brushing and flossing at home, which is why routine dental cleanings are so important.

High-powered brushing

A special, high-powered brush is used to polish your teeth. The deep brushing will help remove surface stains and give your teeth a brighter appearance.

Picasso laser

Some patients also receive Picasso laser treatments for the gums and soft tissue. The laser can shape the gums, remove soft tissue lesions, expose unerupted teeth, or provide relief from canker sores or mouth ulcers.


The last step of your teeth cleaning appointment flossing. Your dentist or hygienist will floss between and around every tooth.

How often do I need teeth cleaning?

It’s recommended that you get two dental cleanings per year. If you have gum disease or other conditions, you may need more frequent cleanings. The team at 5th Ave Smile helps determine a teeth cleaning schedule that works to optimize your health. 

Keep your mouth and smile healthy and beautiful with regular teeth cleanings at 5th Ave Smile. Book your appointment by calling the practice or using the convenient online tool.