Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are an invaluable tool to help dentists diagnose dental conditions in their early stages. They help us to determine the condition of a patient’s jawbone and teeth, detect decay, and reveal tumors and cysts. And thanks to modern technology, dental X-rays are no longer a scary experience.

Here at ATI Dental Care, we use digital X-rays to analyze the health and structure of our patients’ oral cavities.

Digital X-rays are a significant advancement over conventional film X-rays. They are more accurate, comfortable for the patient, and much safer for the environment.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-rays are a type of dental X-ray that is taken using a digital sensor instead of traditional film. A sensor is placed directly in contact with the patient’s teeth, allowing the dentist to take digital images of their oral cavity. These images can be viewed instantly on a computer screen and stored digitally for future reference. This allows the dentist to make more realistic diagnoses and offer more customized treatment plans for individual patients.

Why Do You Need Digital X-Rays?

  • Tooth decay: Cavities can cause deterioration and damage to your tooth’s enamel. Your dentist can detect cavities in their early stages by using a digital X-ray.
  • Tooth trauma: Accidents involving teeth can break or crack your teeth, leading to pain and bleeding. On an X-ray, your dentist may be able to spot fractures or other damage that you might not even feel yet.
  • Bone health:Dental trauma or a change in your bite can affect the structure of your jawbone, leading to problems such as erosion and pain or even tooth loss. A digital X-ray can reveal any such changes early on.
  • Tumors:Malignant tumors can develop in your mouth and jawbone, which is why we recommend regular dental checkups and digital X-rays. A dental X-ray may reveal signs of a tumor before you experience any other symptoms such as pain or bleeding.

How Are Digital X-Rays Taken?

The digital X-ray system at ATI Dental Care is designed to make dental imaging as comfortable as possible for our patients while providing high-quality images. We use special sensors made of lead-free materials that don’t emit radiation but capture the information needed by dentists to analyze your teeth and jawbone. The sensors are easy to use and safe for children too.

Digital images taken with these sensors provide instant results on a computer screen that you can view with your dentist immediately during the examination. The images can also be printed out or stored digitally for future reference if necessary. 

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