Do you know that 75% of Americans get affected by gum disease at least once in their lifetime? Gingivitis is one of them, and you must consult a doctor as soon as its symptoms appear. Get the best gingivitis treatment from team 5th Ave Smile.

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a type of mild gum disease that affects your gingiva, a part of the gum near the teeth' base. This condition is a result of bacterial growth in your mouth.

If not treated on time, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis, a severe and painful gum disease that may lead to teeth loss in adults.

What are the Causes of Gingivitis?

The main reason for gingivitis is the lack of oral hygiene. There are two types of gingivitis: caused by plaque or by certain diseases.

Gingivitis Caused by Plaque.

It is caused when plaque, a natural thin film with bacteria, is build up on teeth causing inflammation of gums. This can result in swelling and redness in gums, leading to bleeding. This is the most common cause of gingivitis.

Gingivitis Caused by diseases or drugs.

In rare cases, teeth or gum infections may occur due to certain drugs or some diseases. 

What are the Symptoms of Gingivitis?

Common symptoms of gingivitis include:

  • Swelling of gums
  • Teeth pain
  • Gum bleeding while brushing or flossing
  • Redness of gums
  • Bad breath
  • Receding or sore gums
  • Sensitive gums

Gingivitis Treatment Procedure

The most effective gingivitis treatment is a dental cleaning, which will remove the plaque or tartar, a hard form of plaque. There are two steps in this procedure: scaling and root planing.

Scaling eliminates the bacteria-infected plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces and under the gums. Root planning is for removing the bacterial products produced by inflammation, thus smoothening the teeth root surfaces.

It is recommended that the patient should make regular visits to the Dental Hygiene Clinic for dental check-ups. If oral hygiene is maintained by regular brushing and flossing and routine dental check-ups, future gingivitis can be avoided.

Gingivitis Treatment in 5th Ave Smile

At 5th Ave Smile, our experienced team provide gingivitis treatment using high-quality tools to help you eliminate this disease and maintain oral health.

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