Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Approximately 20 years ago, the first laser dental procedures were introduced and were primarily used to treat teeth with cavities. The use of lasers in dentistry has progressed significantly over the past two decades and is now used for a wide range of dental procedures. At ATI Dental Care, the latest laser technology is used to give our patients a more comfortable and pain-free experience. 

What Are Some Common Treatments That Can Be Performed With Lasers?

  • Cavity Treatment

Lasers can be used to treat cavities by eliminating bacteria and decayed tissues with high precision. The procedure uses a laser to instantly heat up the tooth, which allows the dentist to remove decay and seal the tooth with a composite filling. 

  • Dental Fillings

Fillings can now be performed in as little as one appointment because lasers can eliminate decay and seal tooth root canals in just a few seconds. The procedure also produces less tooth sensitivity, which is common with traditional fillings.

  • Root Canal Treatment

Tooth roots are very sensitive and require utmost care during a root canal procedure. Most root canal procedures involve drilling into the tooth root and using a file to clean out the infected tissue. However, lasers can be used to remove decayed tissues without causing any pain or discomfort. A laser can also seal up the tooth root at the end of the procedure.

  • Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy involves removing tartar deposits from between the teeth, addressing any gum disease, and providing gum grafts as required. With lasers, periodontal therapy can be completed in just one visit since it reduces bleeding and inflammation. They also seal up gum pockets that may be caused by gum recession. This helps prevent bacteria from entering deeper into gums and bones, which could result in future infections.

  • Gum Therapy

Lasers can correct gummy smiles, which are caused due to gum recession or periods of low oral hygiene. The treatment involves removing excess gum tissue or donor tissue grafts from another area of the mouth to reconstruct gums that have receded.

What Are Some Advantages Of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry provides patients with numerous benefits, such as:
  • Minimizes pain
  • Provides fast results
  • Reduces bleeding

Laser dentistry is capable of treating all teeth types, even teeth infected with periodontal disease or impacted wisdom teeth. In addition, this technology can be used to treat gums and bone tissue as well.

How Is Laser Dentistry Different From Conventional Dentistry?

Laser dentistry offers a wide array of benefits when compared to conventional dental treatments and procedures:

  • Less Pain 

Traditional dental procedures are often painful since they involve drilling into teeth or cutting through hard tartar deposits or gum tissues. However, laser dentistry treats all types of soft tissues through a single shot that instantly seals wounds and reduces pain caused by cutting or drilling into teeth or gums.

  • Less Blood Loss 

When performing dental procedures with lasers, there is minimal blood loss because they seal all wounds instantly after cutting or drilling into teeth or gums. This is especially helpful for patients who have low hemoglobin counts or anemia since it reduces their risk of getting iron deficiency or other health issues that may result from excessive blood loss within the body.

  • More Precise

The use of lasers during dental procedures gives doctors more control over their tools as compared to traditional dental tools such as drills and files that are used during root canal therapy. In addition, this technology makes more precise cuts and seals up wounds instantly after treating them so that patients don’t suffer from excessive bleeding or infection from microbes entering the wound site.

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